Ryanair regrets 'unnecessary' four hour German strike threat

Ryanair regrets 'unnecessary' four hour German strike threat

Ryanair regrets 'unnecessary' four hour German strike threat

The union representing Ryanair pilots in Germany has announced that it is calling for the airline's German-based pilots to strike tomorrow - Friday, December 22 - from 5am to 9am (04.00 to 08:00 UTC) at all German airports.

In a statement after the meeting, IMPACT - which includes the Irish Air Line Pilots' Association - said: "The union reiterated its position that its mandate for strike action can be implemented, after the required notice is given, in the absence of a timely agreement".

The union said Ryanair representatives had refused to engage with two of VC's representatives at the talks.

It said its threat of industrial action had diminished for the time being.

However, the group cancelled the strikes after Ryanair's offer to talk about the trade unions' complaints, covering areas such as the carrier's strategy as well as pay and employment models in the fast-growing budget airline industry.

Ryanair's decision to move towards trade union recognition marks a historic turning point, given that pugnacious boss Michael O'Leary - in charge since 1994 - had vehemently opposed any union representation for staff.

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The strike was suspended, and management met unions for the first time in the company's history earlier this week.

In a letter to the union obtained by Bloomberg, Eddie Wilson, Ryanair's chief people office, proposed an agenda for the January meeting while saying the union delegation should be composed of VC officials and "currently employed Ryanair pilots in Germany".

It agreed to meet the union in Frankfurt on January 5 to "progress and resolve these issues, which Ryanair expects will lead to a collective labour agreement (CLA) for Ryanair's pilots in Germany."?

The airline said it had tabled proposals on pay and conditions, procedures and dispute resolution for Irish-based pilots, and "looks forward to concluding an early agreement on these issues with its Irish Ryanair pilot company council". IMPACT confirmed Thursday it had received the written recognition confirmation it requested.

"Impact will now immediately start work to make union recognition in Ryanair a practical reality", it said in a statement, adding that the possibility of industrial action has "receded for the present". "We'll also be talking to the representatives of Ryanair pilots who were also involved in Tuesday's meeting", Mr Harbor added.

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