Atlanta news anchor Amanda Davis dies after stroke

Atlanta news anchor Amanda Davis dies after stroke

Atlanta news anchor Amanda Davis dies after stroke

An award winning veteran TV journalist in Atlanta died suddenly Wednesday after suffering a 'massive spontaneous stroke, ' while waiting to board a flight for her stepfather's funeral.

At the time of her feature, Davis had been plagued by a series of DUI arrests, claiming difficulties with a past relationship saw her slowly transforming from a "social drinker" to someone with a genuine disorder. Amanda friends and colleagues at CBS 46 are praying for her family'.

It wasn't immediately understood to what degree Davis' death may have been attributable to her drinking problem and what health woes her addiction may have caused.

In Davis' last tweet on December 20, she thanked her friend Debbie Turman for sending flowers after the death of her father.

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Davis was at the airport because she was "headed to San Antonio following the death of her father, when the medical episode happened", according to 9News.

On Sunday, the anchor posted to Facebook about celebrating Christmas after losing a loved one.

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She wrote: 'Stay strong, keep praising the Lord'. She started with WAGA in 1986 and retired from the station in 2013. She talked about her struggles with alcoholism in 2016 with the newspaper, saying that she attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings two to three times a week and saw a psychiatrist. Thank you! Wednesday's Child is forever. I grew up watching her.

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