Instagram rolls out recommended posts to main feed on iOS and Android

Instagram rolls out recommended posts to main feed on iOS and Android

Instagram rolls out recommended posts to main feed on iOS and Android

Instagram will now display a "Recommended for You" section after you've scrolled through all of your posts.

Instagram is quietly rolling out a new feature that will recommend posts for you based on the activity of the accounts you follow. Same goes for the location; you can add a location to be found in the search and people near you can see your posts.

To hide the recommended post, tap the three-dot icon (horizontal dots on iOS, vertical dots on Android) above the recommended post tap Hide.

Since Instagram does not allow you to paste a link in the post, so you are left with two options. Some users, as expected, are not happy about this addition to Instagram and have vented their thoughts on social media.

The new section, "Recommended for You", is clearly labeled so as not to be confused with your own home feed. It will appear after the user has watched all the posts in the feed. Instead, the suggested content will be based on what people you follow have liked. But, the company says that it won't just flood your main feed with recommended posts, and, this section will only pop up "after you've viewed all the posts in your feed". Sharing a unique coupon code or special promotion offer on Instagram can also be very helpful. Besides Instagram determining which of your friend's posts are worthy of being seen, it now injects stranger's posts into your feed.

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Instagram is continuously introducing new features to amuse its users. Users will also get updates directly to their feed if they choose to follow a hashtag, which makes easier for users to see posts from around the world which are using the same hashtag.

Much to Instagram's dismay, this change has not been a welcome one for users.

Instagram has made a new feature live on its platform without announcing it publicly.

When you find a hashtag you like, open the hashtag page and tap on the following button.

Dear @instagram please put everything back in chronological order and stop doing the recommended posts.

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