Paladins gets a new 'Battle Royale' mode and the world keeps turning

Paladins gets a new 'Battle Royale' mode and the world keeps turning

Paladins gets a new 'Battle Royale' mode and the world keeps turning

Paladins is getting a new battle royale game mode later this year.

As with everything else in the game, this mode will be a free addition that is supported by microtransactions.

While we don't have official gameplay available (yet), the new mode will be available in 2018 for free to anyone who plays Paladins which is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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In Paladins: Battlegrounds players spawn into a large map as per a typical battle royale map. Feline fans will be happy to learn about the new mount type, Battle Cats; the first one is the Primal Prowler and will be exclusively available for free to Twitch Prime subscribers. An all-new battle royale mode will join its lineup at some point in 2018, with the goal being just as it is in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale to outlast 99 other rivals to emerge victorious. The bad news is that it'll probably require a lot more coordination than most Paladins players are used to. Paladins: Battlegrounds is on display at the expo, but won't be ready until later in the year. Players will be able to throw the usual objective-focused gameplay of modes like Siege, Payload and Onslaught out of the way in a mode where taking out the enemy team is the only thing that matters. It will launch alongside the new Trade District map.

Of course, players could not expect a major event to go by without mention of a new champion. Moji is Paladins' 35th hero, not to mention a member of the new Leipori race. The magician "rides a summoned two-headed dragon into battle, feeding it snacks to reload its magical energy". The game drew many comparisons to another wildly popular game that defined a genre, Blizzard's Overwatch, upon its release in September 2016.

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