Three weeks later, FCC finally issues net neutrality repeal order

Three weeks later, FCC finally issues net neutrality repeal order

Three weeks later, FCC finally issues net neutrality repeal order

It's not the first threat the chairman has faced in recent months.

Citing Hill sources, DigitalMusicNews was reporting that Pai's canceled appearance was prompted by multiple death threats tied to the show. The Commission is in the process of editing the final repeal order, and the wording of that repeal order could possibly end up helping Pai and the FCC combat those upcoming lawsuits.

Pai was scheduled to speak with Federal Trade Commission Chair Maureen Ohlhausen about technology policy at CES. Despite all the protestations from ISPs previous year that they accepted net neutrality itself, it was the "1930s regulation" they couldn't stomach, Pai's combative move and his stated reasons for it, have shown this up for the lie it always was. Ohlhausen had been slated to appear alongside Pai at the annual Vegas event.

Jeremy Kaplan, editor-in-chief on Digital Trends, guessed that Pai cancelled because "he realized that the tech industry kinda despises him".

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RT America reached out to a spokesperson for CTA and are waiting to hear back. A congressman also received a death threat regarding the net neutrality decision. This move has made him unpopular with most of the country except for executives at internet service providers, to whom he's got close personal ties. Federal authorities are charging a net neutrality supporter for threatening to kill Republican Rep. John Katko and do harm to his family.

It is the second time that Pai's safety has been threatened.

Pai has come under heavy criticism by net neutrality supporters after the agency voted in December to dismantle rules passed by the Obama administration. Homeland Security police quickly cleared the room, but they did not provide any information on the nature of the security threat, prompting speculation that someone might have called in a bomb threat.

The FCC released the full text of its Restoring Internet Freedom order on Thursday.

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