Mega Millions Jackpot: Top 10 largest US Jackpots

Mega Millions Jackpot: Top 10 largest US Jackpots

Mega Millions Jackpot: Top 10 largest US Jackpots

More than $1 billion is up for grabs Friday and Saturday with a pair of lottery jackpots in the Mega Millions and Powerball drawings.

On Oct. 13, MI residents Kevin and Stephanie Blake won $21 million in the Mega Millions after splitting half of the $42 million jackpot. If someone wins, it would be the fourth biggest Mega Millions jackpot and the 12th largest in USA lottery history.

It rolled to $418 million after no one hit Tuesday's jackpot but lottery officials on Thursday bumped it to $445 million due to brisk ticket sales across the country. The next Powerball drawing will take place Saturday.

The odds of winning the Powerball grand prize are 1 in 292.2 million, according to the game's own assessment.

For only $4, players can play both games and chase separate jackpots totaling over $1 billion. On Friday afternoon, January 5th, the estimated jackpot climbed to $570 million.

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It's a billion dollar weekend for lottery players. The cash value for Powerball is near $358 million.

The consortium of 44 states plus the Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia in October widened the odds for winning the big jackpot from 1 in 259 million to 1 in 303 million.

Those unclaimed prizes range from $31 million for a ticket purchased in Queens, New York in August of 2006, to $77 million for a winning ticket purchased in Georgia in June 2011. That would be one in 88 quadrillion, according to CNN Money. But when the jackpots are as large as they are this week, the store can see between 200 and 300 hopefuls per day.

Neither jackpot has been won since October, which has led to the very big jackpots in both games. It also raised the price of a single ticket to $2.

What about taking home the ultimate prize - $1.02 billion in combined winnings?

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