Trump says he's delaying 'Fake News Awards' until mid-January

Trump says he's delaying 'Fake News Awards' until mid-January

Trump says he's delaying 'Fake News Awards' until mid-January

Amongst countless revelations, the book claims former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon described a meeting between Donald Trump Jr and a group of Russians was "treasonous".

Newsrooms around the country put their preparations on hold after President Trump announced that he would be delaying his breathlessly awaited, inaugural Fake News Awards until January 17th.

Late night hosts took advantage of Trump's latest invention to poke fun at the president - and put themselves up for the honor, of course.

"MediaBuzz" host Howard Kurtz weighs in on President Trump's Twitter promise to host 'the most dishonest & corrupt media awards of the year'. "Stay tuned!" Trump said. Subjects will cover Dishonesty and Bad Reporting in various categories from the Fake News Media. It's more like that wrestling video in which Trump body-slams a guy with a CNN head-something that will excite his base, which already distrusts the press and loves the president's media-bashing. Fox News was not part of this competition. They are all bad.

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Then later in the evening, Fox News announced some news stories of other networks that were found inaccurate afterward.

A United States television show has *submitted* its nomination for Donald Trump's "Dishonest And Corrupt Media Awards" with a hilarious fake advert campaign.

"At President Trump's request, we are holding a contest to name the 2017 KING of Fake News. Some journalists and liberal pundits think that Americans are too stupid to see through their amateur efforts to manipulate public opinion, but THEY'RE WRONG", the email wrote.

As per the Trump Campaign list, the competition for "King of Fame news" is between three news outlets.

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