HP Pavilion Wave is the first PC with Alexa built

HP Pavilion Wave is the first PC with Alexa built

HP Pavilion Wave is the first PC with Alexa built

At CES, a number of Windows 10 PC manufacturers are announcing their own partnerships with Amazon to integrate Alexa into their devices, a separate initiative with the apparent goal of bringing full Alexa features to Windows 10 devices.

Perhaps, most interestingly, the newly integrated PCs will show findings on screen, as well as audibly delivering information, with other Alexa integrations only able to perform the latter.

Just like Alexa in a smart speaker, a colorful LED on the front of the Pavilion Wave lights up to let you know when Alexa is listening (and recording) for a command. The irony is that this Alexa integration in Windows 10 PCs will compete directly with Microsoft's built-in Cortana which is arguably not almost as widespread as Alexa, Siri and even Google Assistant. With Alexa enabled, you can ask your laptop or desktop to do anything you might ask of your Echo device: check calendars, create lists and answer questions, play music, and manage smart home devices.

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This could get awkward for Microsoft and Amazon. The rollout of the Alexa-Cortana integration, announced a year ago, has been delayed but is expected to start soon. You can use your Android phone and Google Assistant if you want, but Cortana will be passing data from your phone to your PC, both notifications, images and more so you can be productive. "Voice is a natural interface for interacting with technology and can make everyday tasks simpler", said Steve Rabuchin, Vice President, Amazon Alexa in the press release. Preinstalling Alexa on Windows devices could give Amazon the exposure it needs. Acer's Spin 5 and Switch 7 Black Edition notebooks will include four microphones to support far-field voice recognition for Alexa up to nine feet away.

Acer says it's also adding Alexa to its new V6820M and V6820i 4K UHD projectors. Several OEMs, including Bose, Jabra, iHome, Beyerdynamic, Bowers and Wilkins are already working on voice-controlled Alexa experiences on their products and device makers are invited to signup to be notified when the Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit is made available later this year. This computer looks like a speaker and is being updated to incorporate Intel Smart Sound Technology which allows for 360-degree reflective audio capable of capturing the sound of a voice from any angle. Details on ASUS's Alexa integration weren't immediately available.

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