Samsung introduces The Wall, world's first consumer 146-inch MicroLED modular television

Samsung introduces The Wall, world's first consumer 146-inch MicroLED modular television

Samsung introduces The Wall, world's first consumer 146-inch MicroLED modular television

Samsung's 146-inch TV takes advantage of the new technology, what the company likes to called as microLEDs. It has the ability to transform into various sizes and offers, incredible brightness, color volume, color gamut, and black levels.

Samsung visual display president Jonghee Han said the company's new flagship Wall screen was a "breakthrough" in television technology and could be customised to fit any lounge room. However, Samsung just made even the biggest consumer TVs look puny by comparison with the unveiling of its massive 146-inch modular, self-emitting microLED TV at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Featuring a module-based, bezel-less design, "The Wall" also exemplifies how consumers can customize their television sizes and shapes to suit their needs. Its the worlds first modular MicroLED TV and while its huge, its really the technology behind it that has us more excited.

The company also promoted Bixby as the brains behind a new generation of smart TVs, and smart home products, under the SmartThings brand.

New Trailer and Beta Details Incoming
Sticking with the promotional theme, Capcom plans to open a pop-up barbeque shop in London for MHW launch weekend. According to the press release, they give gamers a few tips about what to expect from the Elder Dragon encounters.

Support for HDR10+ is also on offer because Samsung has a vested interest in the dynamic range enhancing standard.

Moving beyond 4K, Samsung has also featured the first QLED TV with 8K AI technology. For starters Samsung won't be making any 8K TVs with displays smaller than 65-inches, and the displays will only be QLED rather than the usual OLED or LCD. We'll find out more details this spring, but I can't see my TV size tripling anytime soon - no matter how nauseating Man vs Food might look at that level of detail. Bixby is an intelligent assistant platform from Samsung for easier interaction between the TV and consumers with voice analysis capabilities. This offers another way to control the television and sync with other devices. Another feature, the Universal Guide, will serve as a recommendation service for TV and other content. However, if anyone thought 88-inch for a TV is big enough is now for an even bigger surprise, one that measures almost twice as much while sporting the same resolution.

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