Overwatch League Skins & Sprays Now Available In-Game

Overwatch League Skins & Sprays Now Available In-Game

Overwatch League Skins & Sprays Now Available In-Game

Unfortunately, these new skins mean I'll have to be repping my home Overwatch League team, San Francisco Shock, even with its ghastly bright orange palette.

First showed off for the Overwatch World Cup teams, it was announced that every team in the OWL would have their own skins for every hero in the game in both home and away colors.

The Overwatch League is one day away from starting and to kick up the hype developer Blizzard has released special skins for each character.

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But the lack of clarity was also a cause for some concern among Overwatch fans, who have been left uncertain as to how they'd be able to watch the matches. The cheapest bundle is $5, and will net players 100 League Tokens, which is enough to buy one skin in the game.

Future seasons of the league, although now not specified as to when, will move to arenas in the home cities of each team. Users can not get these skins or the in-game currency via loot boxes, seasonal events, or by spending their gold coins. Details on these in-game rewards or how to claim them are still being worked on, but Blizzard will announce more when they're ready. If you want to sport a London Spitfire Zenyatta skin then you will need to directly get it with League Tokens. Then scroll through the different heroes and pick which one you want to actually purchase their new outfit for. This will cause the skin to instantly become available in the main hero cosmetic menu where you can equip it. But how do you get them? Players can buy League Tokens in amounts of 100, 200, 400, 900, or 2600, equating to a cost per skin of between $4.99 and £3.85, depending on the bulk of Token purchase. There is no way to swap these out or sell them back for tokens if you don't like them anymore. Also, the league skins are important because it allows you to represent your favorite team in the league. It was also revealed that the skins would be made available for purchase by players in-game.

The Overwatch League is set to launch on Wednesday, Jan. 10 at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, Calif.

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