Ridley Scott movie reshoot: Reports reveal $1.5m gender pay gap

Ridley Scott movie reshoot: Reports reveal $1.5m gender pay gap

Ridley Scott movie reshoot: Reports reveal $1.5m gender pay gap

Ridley Scott partially re-shot his latest movie after Kevin Spacey was sacked due to sexual misconduct allegations, with both Wahlberg and Williams called back to act opposite Spacey's replacement, Christopher Plummer.

Wahlberg's fee for the reshoots was reported in November by the Washington Post to be $2 million, while Williams reportedly received a comparatively more modest 6-figure payout. "I wonder if the studio or Wahlberg will do something to make the situation less insane".

"I really hope that with everything coming to light, she was paid fairly", she tweeted. And they could have my salary, they could have my holiday, whatever they wanted.

"I refused to get paid", Scott said, but "Christopher had to get paid, but Michelle, no".

"Michelle has been in the industry for 20 years".

"This is so messed up that it is nearly hard to believe", wrote director and producer Judd Apatow.

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The report notes that the reshoot cost $10 million, which was put up by producer Imperative Entertainment.

Other actors and filmmakers have come forward with their own allegations, and London's Metropolitan Police are investigating at least one alleged incident following a complaint.

Actress and activist Amber Tamblyn described the reported pay gap as "totally unacceptable" while veteran producer Judd Apatow said it was "so messed up that it is nearly hard to believe". "Almost. This is how this business works".

The film, which was released in time for Christmas, was heralded as a triumph for the director, who was able to seamlessly remove Spacey from it without affecting the bottom line. Wahlberg and Williams are both represented by William Morris, raising questions about why the agency only secured additional income for one of its clients. Williams, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance as Gail Harris, the mother of 16-year-old kidnapping victim John Paul Getty III, attended the ceremony accompanied by activist and #MeToo movement founder Tarana Burke.

The "Manchester By the Sea" star sparked speculation she could be due to marry after she was spotted wearing a heart-shaped diamond ring at the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills on Sunday (07.01.18). When inequitable pay has become an issue in Hollywood in the past - as with Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams for "American Hustle" and Taraji P. Henson for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" - agents have defended themselves by pointing out that it is in their best interest to negotiate the biggest paychecks possible for their clients, regardless of gender.

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