Dark Souls remastered for Nintendo Switch console

Dark Souls remastered for Nintendo Switch console

Dark Souls remastered for Nintendo Switch console

Dark Souls: Remastered will finally give fans a more polished look at the first game in the trilogy, and invite Nintendo fans into the fold for the first time. Naturally, and given the bad initial state of the PC version of the first Dark Souls game, a lot of PC gamers wondered whether this would be a free upgrade for them. The Switch is not going to turn into a dumping ground for games that came out on the Xbox 360 or Wii U four or five years ago. Moreover, the Artorias of the Abyss DLC will be included in the remaster for free. Namco Bandai doesn't discuss what kind of frame rate we can expect on the standard PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but the hope is that we'll get 60fps there as well.

Landmark action-adventure game Dark Souls is being remastered for Nintendo's Switch console, the company announced today. One bit of new information to come from this is that the Remaster will run on the Dark Souls 3 engine.

FromSoftware's Dark Souls gained fame, or rather infamy, for being a challenging title that was unforgiving to players that made mistakes.

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It's easy to get disappointed that Nintendo didn't reveal a bunch of new games during this latest Direct, but I wouldn't freak out and start worrying that Nintendo is running out of ideas.

Nintendo's packing everything it can into the Switch re-release of the Zelda-themed brawler Hyrule Warriors. Hidden in the world of DARK SOULS: REMASTERED are nine online covenants to uncover that will motivate your online interactions. As of yet, we do not know how that will be split between cooperators and invaders. The standard PS4 and Xbox One consoles will be 1080p60, with the Switch version locked at 1080p docked and 720p portable, both running at (hopefully a stable) 30FPS.

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