Facebook's fight against fake news is going local

Facebook's fight against fake news is going local

Facebook's fight against fake news is going local

The product, called "Today In" is only available on the Facebook mobile app and is being tested in six United States cities: New Orleans, LA; Little Rock, AR; Billings, MT; Peoria, IL; Olympia, WA; Binghamton, NY.

Facebook announced Wednesday that it's releasing a new tool aimed at making it easier to find legitimate local news stories.

The social media giant, Facebook keeps on launching new features for compete the tough market of social media apps.

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The experiment is apparently being led by Facebook's News Partnerships team, which is employing human curation and machine learning to fuel the content found in the "Today In" section. This should help assuage some of the "fake news" concerns that have plagued Facebook over the past year or more.

A company spokesperson was adamant in an email to Quartz that the section will be an addition to local news shared in the News Feed, likely because of publisher fears that they will be booted out of the feed. The people in the six test cities are to be alerted by Facebook that the new feature has been brought in already, but after that, Facebook "Today In" will feature in the menu (☰) where Facebook sports several other lesser-used sections of the app. "This tactic, known as "engagement bait", seeks to take advantage of our News Feed algorithm by boosting engagement in order to get greater reach", explained Henry Silverman, operations integrity specialist at Facebook". The benefit of advertising, gained through Facebook will further depend on the number of users who frequently use the new section.

Recode notes that Facebook intends to expand "Today In" to other cities as it tests the feature out. These will include posts coming both from people as well as pages.

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