French flu warning as another deadly virus set to hit the UK

French flu warning as another deadly virus set to hit the UK

French flu warning as another deadly virus set to hit the UK

People in close contact with high-risk groups, should get a flu shot to protect themselves and the people in their care. "It gets really complicated really fast", she said.

"Its been a pretty bad season". And you need to deal with it.

Florida is among the 46 states where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting widespread flu activity. "In fact, such a sharp increase in activity is a signature feature of influenza that distinguishes it from other respiratory viruses that have a more prolonged, grumbling activity through the winter period".

The vaccine is especially important for the elderly, children, pregnant women and others with chronic health conditions, according to the CDC, which recommends that every person older than six months of age receive the vaccine.

Influenza in children, especially young children can be very unsafe.

The number of patients heading to doctors and hospitals doubled in the last week.

Solano County Health & Social Services will be providing free influenza vaccines at the KROC Center, 586 East Wigeon Way, Suisun City from 10 2 p.m. January 27.

The good news, according to health experts, is that it's not too late to reduce your risk by getting a flu shot.

Dr. Marie Crandall with UF Health Jacksonville says, "The usual effectiveness is about 40 percent to 60 percent".

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Only shots are advised this year.

Flu vaccines are offered in many locations, including doctor's offices, clinics, health departments, and pharmacies, as well as by many employers. The dominant flu strain that's circulating this year is something that's been dubbed the "Aussie flu", and it's especially serious.

It is turning into a particularly nasty flu season.

"Symptoms for the flu aren't just sniffles and coughing, though you will often have those too, combined with a high temperature", Dr McGarry explained. Use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough and always throw the used tissue in the trash.

Drink plenty of fluids and rest as much as possible.

No, you don't get the flu from the vaccine because the vaccine is made from an inactivated virus that can't transmit infection.

Addressing concerns about a shortage of flu vaccine and antiviral medications reported this weekend throughout California, state health officials said they have worked with drug manufacturers to ensure they have enough pharmaceuticals for the state. But the shot itself can't infect you.

Remember, after the vaccine, your body can take up to two weeks to build up defenses against the flu virus.

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