Ryan Defends, Clarifies Trump's Tweet Criticizing FISA Bill

Ryan Defends, Clarifies Trump's Tweet Criticizing FISA Bill

Ryan Defends, Clarifies Trump's Tweet Criticizing FISA Bill

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After President Donald Trump on Thursday morning published a tweet mixing up domestic surveillance and foreign surveillance, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) had to explain the difference to Trump over the phone for 30 minutes, the Washington Post reported Thursday evening.

Ryan didn't issue a statement on Trump's comments, and when he was asked about what Trump said Thursday, Ryan joked that Trump "said a lot of things yesterday, which one are you talking about?" The White House meeting on immigration included a bipartisan group of senators.

Ryan suggested he would like to see a permanent solution to the issue of the DACA illegal aliens as well as a "security component" to permanently fix America's illegal immigration problem.

Trump has denied the remarks.

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Ryan on Friday called the comments "unfortunate" and "unhelpful" but argued negotiations for a deal regarding the DACA program must continue, even if it's not resolved by the January 19 spending deal deadline. Never said "take them out".

The speaker said the spending legislation to keep the government open would be another short-term bill to give lawmakers more time to hash out final details. As a result, Ryan said he doubts there will be a government shutdown.

Ryan also conceded that House Republicans would not aggressively pursue entitlement reform this year, despite saying last month it was on the agenda.

"I think it's a big part of our strength, whether you're coming from Haiti - we've got great friends from Africa in Janesville who are doctors who are incredible citizens", Ryan said.

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