Albas: BC-Alberta trade war needs to be diffused

Albas: BC-Alberta trade war needs to be diffused

Albas: BC-Alberta trade war needs to be diffused

Do not forget to update your bookmarks. "But then isn't that what the B.C. government is doing to the Alberta people?"

British Columbia Premier John Horgan doesn't intend to respond to any provocation from Alberta in the escalating trade dispute over the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Lindsay Meredith, marketing professor at Simon Fraser University, said "anyone worth their salt" in wine marketing will capitalize on the publicity.

Most in the province, however, agreed that wineries made for an unfortunate target, having nothing to do with bitumen or oil tanker battles.

It's the latest move in the inter-provincial spat over the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline. "Challenge accepted." The store added its own comment: "Know anyone up for the challenge?"

"We work with small, family run farms", he said, adding that he carries B.C. wines to support a burgeoning Canadian industry competing with 1,000-year-old vineyards in Europe. "I do think there is definitely a role for the federal government to play in resolving this dispute and dealing directly with British Columbia", Anderson said.

As for premier's suggestion to drink Alberta craft beer instead of B.C. wines, Gaume said, Alberta craft beer industry is booming, but he isn't sure if wine lovers would opt for beer instead.

"I fail to see how the oil industry and the wine industry are equivalent rivals", said Evan Watson, owner of the upscale cocktail bar and eatery Clementine, on Wednesday. "They didn't really have anything to do with this conflict".

"I'm here for B.C., not Alberta". Most prominent was Green Party leaders - and B.C. NDP kingmaker - Andrew Weaver who bought three bottles of red, certified local by the B.C. Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA). If climate change is as unsafe as scientists say, then boldness is required. "Picked up three bottles of incredible BC VQA ..."

It comes with an estimated $70 million blow to B.C. wineries.

Buffalo Bob Smith and his wife Mildred with Howdy Doody in 1991.
Buffalo Bob Smith and his wife Mildred with Howdy Doody in 1991. VSUNwp

Horgan said he spoke with Notley last week, but has not spoken to her since she announced the wine boycott on Tuesday.

"Here's to a future ... where jurisdictions don't take petty shots at their neighbours because their neighbours are listening to the voices of Indigenous Nations and communities and standing up". But the B.C. Wine Institute said that sales figure represents the wholesale cost.

Wednesday saw Quebeckers hold a "mass purchase in solidarty to stop Kinder Morgan" at an SAQ public liquor store in Montreal.

Last year, the influential Wine Enthusiast magazine rated B.C.'s Okanagan Valley as one of the top wine-tourism destinations in the world, in a league with Tuscany and the south of France.

Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo Conservative MP Cathy McLeod says she's very concerned about the dispute noting the financial harm it will cause to small business owners.

About a third of the winery's vintages are sold to customers in Alberta, according to McWatters Bond.

One tool he's not keen on, however, is to cut off Alberta's oil exports to B.C. Many have mused such action would get the attention of British Columbians, who bash pipelines from Alberta while helping themselves to Alberta oil to fuel their cars, trucks and airplanes.

Notley, in a video posted Wednesday, said the neighbouring province's effort to delay or block the project with reviews, consultations and studies is a constitutional violation that threatens Canada's social safety net, jobs and response to climate change.

The trade war tit-for-tat has been mocked as the "Pinot pipe" war, and inter-provincial "sour grapes", and has stirred speculation about what goods might be targeted next.

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