John Kelly Faces Scrutiny as Trump Questions Response to Abuse Allegations

John Kelly Faces Scrutiny as Trump Questions Response to Abuse Allegations

John Kelly Faces Scrutiny as Trump Questions Response to Abuse Allegations

"When McGahn informed Kelly this fall about the reason for the security clearance holdup, he agreed that Porter should remain and said he was surprised to learn that the 40-year-old had ex-wives".

Shah also refused to give details about whether Trump communications advisor Hope Hicks-who was reportedly dating Porter-was involved in shaping the White House response to the scandal.

According to reports, he told congressional Democrats that the president was "uninformed" during the campaign when he promised a physical barrier spanning the entirety of the Southern border paid for by Mexico.

A Democratic lawmaker is taking aim at his Republican colleagues following reports that White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter was able to continue to work in the West Wing despite being denied a permanent security clearance due to domestic abuse allegations made against him.

The White House's public posture Thursday stood in stark contrast to the defensive approach it took when the accusations against Porter by his two ex-wives were first published Tuesday.

Routinely, Trump has accepted claims of innocence from men facing similar allegations, including Fox News head Roger Ailes, anchor Bill O'Reilly and former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who was accused of molesting teenage girls.

The high-ranking official in question, Rob Porter, was the White House staff secretary until Wednesday, when information from his two former females came to light, accusing him of mistreating them physically and psychologically.

Trump's comments Friday were a sharp contrast to those of Vice-President Mike Pence, who told NBC's Lester Holt "there's no tolerance in this White House and no place in America for domestic abuse".

Porter denied the allegations but resigned on Wednesday.

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Asked if she thought allegations against her ex-husband should have stopped him from working in the White House, Willoughby called it a "greater question... for society today".

Willoughby added that Porter accepted her decision.

"He became fully aware about these allegations yesterday", said Shah. "The president and chief of staff have full confidence in his abilities and his performance", said press secretary Sarah Sanders. She told Cooper that Kelly may well have believed Porter's downplayed version of events-an indication of Porter's manipulative tendencies, and Kelly's remarkable reluctance to investigate whether one of his close confidantes was actually an abuser of women. "He wants to see us move from a process now existing in law, of extended family chain migration, towards merit-based legal immigration reform", Shah said.

On Thursday, the Post also reported that Porter has been explaining the pictures of Holderness' black eye, which she has distributed to the media, saying that "they were arguing over a vase, and she was somehow hit with the vase". McGahn made other officials aware of the accusations she communicated but took no concrete steps, the official said. And in 2010, following their separation, she filed a temporary restraining order against Porter after he punched in a window of their home. "I told him I'm going to tell them the truth", she said.

The White House has pushed back against allegations of sexual harassment and assault by President Trump himself.

Numerous commenters keyed in on Willoughby's description of the loneliness and isolation of abuse.

Three days later, the Federal Bureau of Investigation again contacted Holderness, she said, asking whether she had been contacted by anyone regarding Porter.

"There was no coordination of this", she said.

A White House official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to discuss personnel matters publicly, said Friday that Kelly had not offered to resign.

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