Meredith Corporation Partners With Google On Launch Of New Product, AMP Stories

Meredith Corporation Partners With Google On Launch Of New Product, AMP Stories

Meredith Corporation Partners With Google On Launch Of New Product, AMP Stories

Basically, the feature might make life easier for Gmail users in subtle ways, by transforming emails from static, once-and-done communications, to information portals that can react and be refreshed as necessary. Today Google said AMP is merely meant to make the mobile web more accessible to developers, claiming small publishers face challenges in building high-performance content. The search giant announced on its developers' blog that the new feature has been piloted with leading content publishers viz. Condé Nast, Vox Media, Time Warner, Meredith Corp, Mashable, The Washington Post and more. Google is calling the new feature as AMP for Email, and it will allow developers to make emails as simple as AMP for web pages.

Google has plans to expand AMP stories across search results at a later date, as well as bring the new content type to more of its products.

"AMP for Email could also help you get more done in less time by allowing you to quickly RSVP to events, browse and interact with listings and campaigns, or fill out a questionnaire without ever leaving email", the post said.

Google and a group of publishers came together to work building the story-focused format in AMP.

Google has already opened up AMP for Email to developers, you can sign up here if you want to join the programme.

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So far, all actionable content on email generally takes the user to a new webpage or window to complete the action, for example, newsletters.

Similar to Snapchat's Stories or YouTube's Reels, Google's AMP stories are optimized for mobile viewing, as they condense text to a series of interactive, animated images and videos. Widespread adoption of AMP within email could effectively end the need to click a link inside an email.

I'm not a fan of AMP when it comes to webpages (for a variety of reasons, including a distaste for getting into a bed with Google that may be hard to leave), so you consider me as raising an eyebrow to hear the plans to roll it out for email.

The AMP Stories format is available for free, open to anyone to use.

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