Apple might bring Animoji to iPad and FaceTime in future iOS update

Apple might bring Animoji to iPad and FaceTime in future iOS update

Apple might bring Animoji to iPad and FaceTime in future iOS update

Apple apparently wants all this chaos to end as much as its fans do, which is why it's apparently chose to focus on 2 years of phased updates to the iPhone and iPad.

If you're an iPad power user, I hope you got all of the multi-tasking features you were hoping for in iOS 11.

Apple has yet to confirm the change, but the reported strategy isn't surprising. Instead, iOS 12 will bring Apple fans something a lot more important, and it's a "feature" that you might not even notice at first.

As according to a report in Bloomberg, the company intends to change its product development strategy with renewed focus being on rooting out bugs from the software rather than just pushing new headline features in its iOS upgrades.

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According to Bloomberg, Apple will be bringing its Animoji characters to FaceTime allowing iOS users to put virtual emoji over their faces similar to the filters found in Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. According to Bloomberg, you can expect better parental controls with detailed stats for parents, more granular settings for "Do Not Disturb", a new Stocks app and a way to invoke Siri in the iOS search bar. Apple is now working on an iOS update codenamed "Peace" and a macOS update called "Liberty", expected to be released as iOS 12 and macOS 10.14, respectively.

In recent times, the iPhone owners faced a number of glitches such as not being able to take calls or a bug that caused iPhones to crash a year ago. This fall, the company is planning to offer a plethora of new features while also making core changes in the platform. The universal apps feature will come to Macs with the upcoming macOS 10.14 known internally as "Liberty".

The move to delay some new features follows iPhone sales dipping in the last three months of 2017, although Apple - which is the most valuable company in the world - still pulled in record revenues. In addition to this, Apple is also working on a new iPad model which will feature the new Face ID camera.

New features for the Apple Pencil and a toggle to mute notifications from specific threads in the email app have also been pushed out to 2019, as have redesigned home screens for the iPhone, iPad and CarPlay and a revamped Photos app. Traditionally, Apple has released major iOS updates on an annual cycle. These include the ability to run several windows in one app and to run two screens from the same app side-by-side. They no longer have to follow a strict schedule and can push back a feature if they feel it needs more work.

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