UK Government Develops Its Own AI That Can Detect Extremist Videos

UK Government Develops Its Own AI That Can Detect Extremist Videos

UK Government Develops Its Own AI That Can Detect Extremist Videos

The British government has revealed a new tool it claims can automatically detect terrorist content online and block it from being viewed. Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the government may even make tech companies use it by law.

The tool is intended for use by small companies, which are often heavily burdened with moderation tasks that they may not have the resources to cope with, helping them to remove undesirable content effectively and in good time. ASI Data Science, the company that worked in collaboration with UK Home Office, announced on its official Twitter handle that the accuracy of the algorithm is close to 99.9%. Humans then have to assess the content and make a decision on removing it.

Developed by ASI Data Science, the system takes advantage of machine learning to analyze online videos and determine the contents.

"This Government has been taking the lead worldwide in making sure that vile terrorist content is stamped out".

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Rudd is on a two-day visit to San francisco meeting with tech giants and USA officials to discuss how to better combat extremists on Internet platforms.

The tool was made as a way to demonstrate that the government's demand for a clampdown on extremist activity was not unreasonable, Rudd said. "So we're very keen that the tool is used as widely as possible". The system - as yet unnamed - was unveiled by Home Secretary Amber Rudd and cost £600,000, paid for with public funds, and has been created to detect jihadist content. "For smaller companies, this could be ideal". Even with a high degree of accuracy, critics say, there could be a lot of false positive when used with a major distributor of video content.

She discussed the new anti-terror tool on her visit during talks with internet service providers in the country as part of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, which was launched past year in the aftermath of the UK Parliament attack in March 2017. I have been impressed with their work so far following the launch of the Global Internet Forum to Counter-Terrorism, although there is still more to do, and I hope this new technology the Home Office has helped develop can support others to go further and faster.

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