Apple Confirms HomePods May Leave Scuff Marks On Wooden Surfaces

Apple Confirms HomePods May Leave Scuff Marks On Wooden Surfaces

Apple Confirms HomePods May Leave Scuff Marks On Wooden Surfaces

Yahoo FinanceWhere does Apple HomePod rank among other smart speakers? "The HomePod is just not smart enough when pitched against the likes of the cheap little Amazon Echo or Google Home, Siri is not refined enough and even the experience between the iPhone and the HomePod feels confused". The £39 price for two years will ensure the HomePod is protected against damage, even if it's accidental, and even with the £29 excess fee, the £68 cost for a fix is a lot more palatable.

Reuters/Stephen LamThe Homepod- Apple's first venture into the field of smart speakers.

While the folks over at The Inquirer didn't have such a bad time removing the white rings left by their device, Wirecutter's and Pocket-Lint's marks were much more persistent, fading but never full disappearing.

While Apple's HomePod still doesn't have a Canadian release date, the high-end smart speaker is already becoming controversial.

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Apple notably delayed shipping the HomePod until this year, as the firm said it "needed more time" to ideal the device. So, they will damage your wood furniture, too. In a review by Wirecutter (via 9to5Mac), they discovered that the HomePod can leave stains on wooden furniture.

Many are viewing the advice to simply move the speaker to a different surface as a less-than-ideal solution to the flaw and say that the warning about wooden surfaces should have been issued prior to the speakers hitting the market. The company recommends users to gently wipe the surface with a soft damp or dry cloth and if the mark still persists then try the wood manufacturer's recommended cleaning process.

After placing the smart speaker on wooden surfaces, some users have noticed that it leaves behind a unusual white mark - even damaging expensive furniture. Here are a few tip that the Cupertino giant has published for the HomePod users.

I can't believe I have to say this (actually, at this point when it comes to Apple, nothing really surprises me), but you should probably put a coaster under your HomePod before you place it on that heirloom bedside table. Users can utilize their Apple devices to stream from Spotify and play it with the HomePod using AirPlay.

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