Gmail Go is the lightweight Android email app you can't have

Gmail Go is the lightweight Android email app you can't have

Gmail Go is the lightweight Android email app you can't have

In order to make the experience safer for end users, the Gmail Go app automatically blocks spam messages using Google's internal data sets and algorithms. Today, the giant has released the mini version of its popular google mail app with Gmail Go. Despite its lightweight build, the Gmail Go app provides you with an advanced inbox that categorises social and promotional emails under different tabs to help you focus on important messages first. Among many high-profile components and features is the device's operating system, namely the latest version of Android, the 8.0 release codenamed Oreo. According to Google, "the Gmail you love" has just got lighter and just as fast.

The Android update, due later in the year, will also more tightly integrate Google's digital assistant, improve battery life on phones and support new designs, such as multiple screens and foldable displays, the people said.

The APK file size of the Gmail Go app is significantly smaller than the regular Gmail app; it's 9.51MB versus 20.66MB.

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Would you give a chance to an Android Go device with less than 1 GB RAM instead of buying a low-end device with slightly better specs and the standard Android Oreo installed? You can see more about this feature on the shared screenshots. With Gmail Go, you can receive email notifications just like the original Gmail app. The size of the app goes up to 24.80MB as opposed to 47.28MB for the regular app. Interestingly, via Gmail Go, you can both read and respond both online and offline and also find messages quickly with a powerful search engine. It uses less RAM and loads images on demand.

"Alphabet Inc.'s Google controls the Android software, while other companies manufacture the devices". Let's wait and watch for the Android Go to launch with more devices. Officially they - and Gmail Go - are targeted at emerging markets, where cellular connections can either be slower than the United States and other countries enjoy, or prohibitively expensive.

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