Russian opposition leader slams Instagram for caving in to the government

Russian opposition leader slams Instagram for caving in to the government

Russian opposition leader slams Instagram for caving in to the government

Instagram has bowed to pressure from Moscow and removed posts linked to an investigation by Russia's opposition leader into a deputy prime minister's trip on a billionaire's yacht.

A 25-minute video of Navalny presenting the investigation in Russian was also uploaded to YouTube last week, where it has already amassed some 5 million views. "The site could still be opened through some of the network providers, but it's a matter of time", Navalny wrote on Telegram.

Instagram posts covered by the court order have been deleted, the regulator said in an email Thursday.

As of Thursday, the video still remained online, although Russia's communications regulator Roskomnadzor said it had issued a request to Google to delete the video.

The Guardian writes that Navalny claims Deripaska "was briefing Prikhodko on information on the 2016 US presidential campaign that he had received from Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign manager", although he offers no proof of this. He was banned from running against Mr. Putin because of a criminal conviction that he and rights advocates say was politically motivated.

Instagram and YouTube may be blocked in Russian Federation unless they remove videos allegedly showing the Deputy Prime Minister meeting an oligarch with links to Donald Trump's presidential campaign on a luxury yacht. The probe draws from the social media account of a woman who claims to have had an affair with Deripaska.

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Deripaska filed suit following Navalny's investigation, accusing Vashukevich of illegally using private images.

Russia's communications providers have blocked access to the website of opposition leader Alexei Navalny on orders of the state communications watchdog.

Deripaska, in a statement last week, accused Navalny and others of spreading lies about him and was reported to have obtained a court order in southern Russian Federation to have the offending material removed. To limit access to services have been given until Wednesday night, February 14. Navalny refused to obey a court order threatening to shut down his web resources and appealed it. It is up to interpretation whether the "public interest" exception would include Deripaska, who is known to be close to Putin and whose companies do business with the Russian Federation.

Third, the photographs and videos in question had been publicly available on Rybka's Instagram account and her YouTube channel at least for two years, but Deripaska never before complained that they violated his privacy.

With most news media outlets controlled by the government, Mr. Navalny's website is virtually his only vehicle for distributing his investigations of corruption among members of Mr. Putin's inner circle.

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