Justin Theroux seen with women before announcing split with Jennifer Aniston

Justin Theroux seen with women before announcing split with Jennifer Aniston

Justin Theroux seen with women before announcing split with Jennifer Aniston

The stunning couple has always had a loving relationship, even expressing in their joint statement that they "look forward to continuing our cherished friendship" and are determined to maintain the love and respect they have for each other. In a joint statement, the couple said they meant to remain friends.

"Normally we would do this privately, but given that the gossip industry can not resist an opportunity to speculate and invent, we wanted to convey the truth directly", the statement continues.

The couple, a frequent target of tabloid stories, added in their statement: "Whatever else is printed about us that is not directly from us, is someone else's fictional narrative".

Despite their effort to avoid speculation, rumors were born.

"Justin has a very diverse friend group, and he likes that they're not all 'in the industry".

Shadley said: "It was about the time that she and Justin got together". He left her to be with someone else.

"Justin loved fast-paced NY life while Jen loved the sunshine and glamour of LA, and ultimately they just grew apart".

Though Justin tried everything to get Jen to want to stay in NY it wasn't enough. News. "But he fell in love with Jennifer so it was something he came to accept".

Justin eventually agreed to move to California but frequently traveled back to NY.

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So will Aniston take back her former husband, now a father of six?

"Encouraging Justin to spend as much time as he wanted in New York City is what doomed the marriage", the source said. She has been the mediator in recent months, trying to get Jen and Justin to work through their problems and save their marriage.

"Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have announced that they are separating".

One of the questions the article suggests asking a partner is "How do you see us 10 years from now?" to help resolve current conflicts while ultimately working towards your larger-picture goals, including how and where you want to live. Aniston has reportedly been doing well in the weeks since.

Meanwhile, another insider told the publication, "Jason Bateman's wife convinced Justin to go to Cabo". "It made for an awkward living situation for Jen and Justin because they knew the neighbors weren't happy".

They said: "They have figured out a life that works for them".

Justin loved Jen but he didn't love the lifestyle of the super famous, which is what Jen is.

So with the former flames both now single, the Twittersphere can't help to wonder if there could be hope of a romantic reunion.

Despite them both being single, the odds of Pitt, 54, and Aniston, 49, getting back together are low, according to the People source.

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