Apple 'text bomb' bug causes device to crash

Apple 'text bomb' bug causes device to crash

Apple 'text bomb' bug causes device to crash

As per the official iOS changelog, the iOS 11.2.6 update fixes the bug issue that all users were facing over the last few days.

Apple delivered on a promise made last week to publish updates for a bug that crashed Mac and iOS applications that included the " జ్ఞ‌ా " Indian Telugu character. The issue was caused when someone pasted in or received a single Indian-language character in select communications apps - most notably in the App Store, iMessage and Safari. As per the report says, Apple has also released the updates for Apple watchOS, tvOS, and macOS to stop the crash from happening on these platforms, too. Since iOS 11.3 beta is on the way, we were not expected that this version of iOS 11.2.6 will be released.

As reported by Forbes, the Cupertino-based tech firm confirmed a major bug in the iOS 11.2.5 update, in which the important apps such as Messages, WhatsApp, Gmail, Outlook for iOS, and Facebook Messenger can not be opened.

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A new iOS 11.2.6 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A major flaw in iOS 11.2.5 causes the devices to completely shutdown when a certain Unicode symbol arrives via text message.

Other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Outlook for iOS, and Gmail, are also cut off.

As with similar cases before, Apple has acknowledged the issue and is readying a fix that should be rolling out before the 11.3 update. Instead, the iOS 12 will be focusing on the improvement of the quality and performance of the software, such as targeting issues of the iPhone's slow responsiveness, security threats, and bugs. The problem also affects devices such as Apple TV, iPads and Apple Watches. If you want to access the update, you have to go to the Settings - General - Software Update. Previously, a mysterious bug caused several iPhone and iPad devices to crash back in December past year.

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