Android P will stop apps from spying on your camera, microphone

Android P will stop apps from spying on your camera, microphone

Android P will stop apps from spying on your camera, microphone

Google has imposed some limitations to prevent this sort of behavior in recent versions of Android, but this new step will make it even harder for apps to abuse the permissions granted to it. However, just like in Android Pay, the new app enables "card and payment information" to be stored in Google Pay across an array of apps and websites. You'll be able to hop over to the Cards tab at the bottom of the screen, which is where Google Pay keeps all of your credit and debit cards, plus your rewards and store cards.

Banks that offer Google Pay in Singapore are: DBS, POSB, United Overseas Bank, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp, Standard Chartered and American Express. By providing a way to access payment card information without actually having to produce a payment card, such apps also claim to be more secure: users can make purchases by sharing encrypted data that's linked to their payment cards but doesn't reveal actual card numbers to merchants. Since Google Pay also plans on integrating Google Wallet features, you'll be able to send and request money from other users in the next few months.

According to Google, Tez has handled 140 million transactions in its first ten weeks and has more than 525,000 businesses signed on to accept payments.

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GOOGLE HAS begun to roll out Google Pay as a replacement for Google Wallet and Android Pay.

Google Pay works for transit fares in Kiev, London, and Portland at the moment, with more cities promised to come soon. If you already have the Android Pay app installed on your phone, all you have to do it wait for the update to hit and you will see all of the changes that Google has made to the app with the rebranding. For example, users in the United States or UK should be able to send and request money in the next few months. Most of the functionality is the same, although you will notice the new functions in that Home section. But, with some tweaking, it was still possible for an app to record audio in the background without you knowing. And, if such apps attempt to embark on the camera, the Android P would be powerful enough to shut it off and display an error message to the user.

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