CPAC speaker jeered for calling out Roy Moore

CPAC speaker jeered for calling out Roy Moore

CPAC speaker jeered for calling out Roy Moore

A moment later a protester tossed Russian flags into the air and was quickly drowned out by chants of "USA" before being escorted from the hall.

"We better take care of our military".

Trump said a major deterrent would be to allow concealed carry permits on school campuses.

A speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference drew the ire of audience members on Saturday when she expressed disappointment that "people on out side" have been silent about allegations of sexual harassment lodged against President Donald Trump and other Republicans.

JERRY FEITH: The Democratic Party, based upon their position, they don't want you to be safe.

President Trump addressed about 30 different subjects in the lengthy speech and reiterated his idea of arming school teachers with guns.

Trump went on to tout his conservative credentials, reminding the group that when he first started running, people questioned his sincerity.

"It would be controversial so I won't use his name", Trump said.

The CPAC-Washington Times poll offers an exceptional look into the beliefs of the country's right-leaning activists and students, who gather annually for three days of speeches, panels and parties in a Maryland suburb just outside the Beltway.

Warren Buffett is retiring from Kraft Heinz board
He admitted that the struggle in finding a "sensible purchase price" had "proved a barrier to virtually all deals" past year . His latest newsletter reports that Berkshire's net earnings rose past year from $24.07 billion to $44.94 billion.

That didn't stop him, however, from signing legislation a year ago that stopped the Social Security Administration from reporting to the background check database the names of the mentally ill who need representatives to handle their disability and supplemental benefit checks. "I really believe it, I mean judges, regulations, everything". Trump asked the crowd. A common thread among the CPAC attendee's responses was a belief that Trump holds up conservative principles and excitement over his economic policies and border-security proposals.

"I think diversity of thought is more important than like 'Oh we've got a black Republican and an Indian guy.' I feel that if the GOP communicates their message effectively, they'll attract more minorities", Hamilton told TheDCNF.

Trump told the crowd that Democrats will remove recent tax cuts on business and the Second Amendment - although no Democratic presidential nominee has called for revoking the Second Amendment. Perhaps the most anticipated subject of the president's speech is last week's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

"Out of your teaching population, you have 10 percent, 20 percent of very gun-adept people".

"It's time to make our schools a much harder target for attackers".

Trump said designating schools as "gun-free zones" has put students in "far more danger".

"He did a great job of balancing issues with humor", she said.

DON GONYEA, BYLINE: For the CPAC audience, there is plenty to like about President Trump.

Trump encouraged Republicans to stay active.

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