Report says, North Korea helping Syrian chemical war

Report says, North Korea helping Syrian chemical war

Report says, North Korea helping Syrian chemical war

The New York Times additionally cites an upcoming book by Angelo State University professor and former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst Bruce Bechtol that argues North Korea has been supporting Syria's chemical weapons program since the 1990s.

At the moment, both Pyongyang and Damascus are viewed as serious threats to stability in their respective regions and beyond.

Is North Korea Supplying Chemical Weapons To Syria?

The 200-page report, due to be published mid-March, also alleges that North Korean ballistics specialists have visited three Syrian government weapons production plants.

The Syrian Civil War has the world gripped by terror, pain, anguish and the death of humanity.

People inspect the rubble of damaged buildings after several airstrikes a day earlier, rebels-held Douma, Eastern Ghouta.

Two U.N. members reportedly obstructed shipments heading to Syria, which the U.N. suspects came from North Korea's main arms exporter as part of the contract with the Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC), a Syrian government agency.

Syria agreed to destroy its chemical weapons stockpile under worldwide pressure following a sarin gas attack on an opposition-held area near Damascus in 2013.

The United States and its allies are "simply exploiting baseless allegations of toxic weapons use by Damascus as a tool of anti-Syrian political engineering".

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The Kim Jong Un regime made 40 shipments to Syria between 2012 and 2017 that could aid in the creation of the banned bombs, said a leaked paper from a United Nations panel of experts reported by multiple news outlets on Wednesday.

She suggested that as North Korea's government becomes more desperate, it will look for "creative" means of funding its nuclear development. A statement from besieged Eastern Ghouta's interim health ministry said victims in the town of al-Shifoniyeh had been admitted to hospital with convulsions, difficulty breathing and irritation of the eyes and mouth following an air strike on Sunday night.

North Korea has shared its destructive power with another dictatorship and sent materials to make chemical weapons to Bashar Assad, according to a report.

Syria's Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva Hussam Edin Aala on Wednesday refuted the "false allegations" made by some countries against his government, saying, "Syria can not possibly be using chemical weapons because it very simply has none in its possession". Despite a retaliatory US strike ordered by Trump in 2017, worldwide reaction has been largely confined to diplomatic hand-wringing.

They said on Tuesday that a report compiled by a United Nations panel of experts reveals that the special equipment required for chemical weapons production was shipped from North Korea to Syria.

The UN Panel issued a report last September, which said it was "investigating reported prohibited chemical, ballistic missile and conventional arms co-operation" between Syria and North Korea.

The report says the materials sent to Syria included thermometers and special valves. In what is now widely viewed as a bid to stall for time, Damascus agreed to a Russian plan in 2013 to give up its chemical stockpile.

Neither the report's authors nor members of the UN Security Council who have seen it would comment, and neither would the USA mission to the global agency.

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