Amazon's Alexa Could Soon Translate Speech in Real

Amazon's Alexa Could Soon Translate Speech in Real

Amazon's Alexa Could Soon Translate Speech in Real

We hope Alexa feels better soon - plus, it's hard to miss the irony here - considering Amazon just ran a Super Bowl ad campaign a few weeks ago where Alexa "lost her voice".

For example, if a user from the only capable of speaking English but he is at an event in Japan, Alexa will be able to help that user hold a conversation in Japanese.

Amazon wants to turn Alexa into a real-time translator. Turning to, we can see that problems with Alexa were first reported around 9:39 am EST, and peaked at 1,099 complaints. Alexa will also be mindful of the Japanese culture, which is more formal and conservative than American culture.

There are other devices and services that offer early versions of real-time translation, such as the Google Pixel Buds.

AWS services and Amazon Alexa functionality are now back online.

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It makes sense that Amazon would launch this feature for Alexa, given everything else she can do, but it does have me wondering whether this means we'll be seeing some Alexa-powered earbuds or headphones from Amazon in the near future.

Users said at the time that the experience of Google Translate in a wireless earphone was "awkward" so they would rather use their smartphones for any translation needs since those devices are a more compelling solution.

In the smart assistant landscape, Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant are now clear market leaders.

"I've had an awesome couple of years at Amazon Alexa working with some of the smartest people I know". Alexa may also, in the future, translate multiple speakers talking in different languages at the same time.

With Alexa going mobile, real-time translation would come in handy when visiting another country and trying to do something as seemingly simple as ordering food or asking for directions.

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