President Trump Secretly Wants Jared And Ivanka Out Of The White House

President Trump Secretly Wants Jared And Ivanka Out Of The White House

President Trump Secretly Wants Jared And Ivanka Out Of The White House

The newspaper, citing several other Trump advisers that the president had told his eldest daughter and her husband that they should continue working at the White House even though he had asked White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to assist him in getting them to resign. "To suggest otherwise, is inaccurate and false".

A spokesman for Kushner's lawyer told NBC News in a prepared statement that "time and again, unnamed sources seeking only mischief have misled the media about what the Special Counsel is doing".

Capping off a week of reports about the questions Robert Mueller's team is asking witnesses comes a new report about the Jared Kushner angle being pursued. Trump has repeatedly denied there was any collusion. The kicker of the piece seems to all but spell doom for the couple's tenure in the White House.

The next day, The New York Times reported that the Kushner family business, Kushner Companies, received more than $500 million in loans a year ago from Apollo Global Management and Citigroup after Kushner met with top executives from those companies at the White House.

Former U.S. and global officials say that even if Kushner stays at the White House, his job won't be the same.

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On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported that officials in China, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, and Mexico pinpointed Kushner's senior ranking in the Trump administration, his troubled financial dealings, and his lack of government experience as an opening for political influence.

But the White House has said the blockade was due to Qatar's alleged support of terrorism. Kushner has played a major role in Middle East policy.

It is illegal for a government employee, or someone being considered for employment as an adviser - as Kushner would have been during the transition - to make policy recommendations based on financial interest.

Jared Kushner lost his top secret clearance mere days ago and there was a report in The New York Times just this week regarding his businesses.

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