Blizzard teases Diablo 3 coming to the Nintendo Switch

Blizzard teases Diablo 3 coming to the Nintendo Switch

Blizzard teases Diablo 3 coming to the Nintendo Switch

"We can assure you we're not that clever", a spokesperson for Blizzard Entertainment said via email. According to the source, Blizzard is "looking to implement local plays with multiple Switches, allowing you to team up for local co-op action as you run around Sanctuary to stop Diablo".

That's certainly disappointing, because if there is a franchise that is a ideal fit for the Switch, it's Diablo. The short video titled, "Sweet Dreams", showed a Diablo night light flickering on and off.

It's a simple tease meant to fan the fires, but it's pretty clear what Blizzard is poking at here. Boyes, who now serves as CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios, acknowledges that porting the title to Nintendo's new platform won't be easy, but he's sure that his team will be up to the task.

Blizzard North was indeed working on Diablo 3 at one point but, the game was scrapped and while Blizzard delivered a fresh new take on the game but, it was a buggy mess and littered with server issues.

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It would seem that Blizzard isn't quite done with the Diablo 3 console ports.

Given the recent series of ports for Nintendo's hybrid - Doom, Skyrim, Wolfenstein later this year - it isn't a surprise that Blizzard would think about bringing a Diablo game to the console.

That kind of early audience is hard to ignore, so perhaps today's Diablo 3 tease shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

Payday 2 is now available for Nintendo Switch after it already released for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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