Kevin Love Panic Attack Discussed by Cleveland Cavaliers Forward

Kevin Love Panic Attack Discussed by Cleveland Cavaliers Forward

Kevin Love Panic Attack Discussed by Cleveland Cavaliers Forward

In his essay, "Everyone Is Going Through Something", the National Basketball Association standout opened up about his panic attack November 5th, during a game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Kevin Love first became aware that he was struggling with something just this year, right after halftime in a game against the Hawks on November 5th.

A former high school phenom and star at USC, DeRozan is admittedly quiet, but he wanted to open up about his issues with depression because he hopes to fight the stigma surrounding mental health issues. So I did one seemingly little thing that turned out to be a big thing.

Love expressed the same sentiment, concluding his letter by saying, "Not talking about our inner lives robs us of really getting to know ourselves and robs us of the chance to reach out to others in need".

'It came out of nowhere.

I think that it is great for Kevin to write this essay, and I'm glad that he realized that it doesn't show weakness to talk about mental illness.

Professional athletes tend not to share their vulnerabilities, but Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love is speaking out to bring awareness to mental health.

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You can not tell what someone else is going through just by looking at them; mental health is a concern for rich and poor, male and female, healthy and sickly.

"It was like my body was trying to say to me, You're about to die".

'It's not nothing I'm against or ashamed of, ' he said.

"It's so important for people from all walks of life to share that they have a mental illness, so that you can really see it happens to everyone", said Sue Abderholden, executive director of National Alliance of Mental Illness Minnesota. Stress about on and off-court things seemed to exacerbate things but Love felt the usual symptoms one would have when suffering a panic attack.

The incident was passing, according to Love, who practiced the following day and posted 32 points and 16 rebounds in a win over the Milwaukee Bucks on November 7. Nor did most people outside of the organization. "I'm the last person who'd have thought I'd be seeing a therapist".

"I admire his willingness to come out and talk about something that's an issue for a lot of people", Kerr said. And it doesn't matter if you're an National Basketball Association player or the average guy.

Look, I don't want to speak above my non-existent qualifications here, but I know this. While this hasn't resulted in a drop in performance and still resulted in an all-star season, Love has been recovering from a broken finger. Not once have I endured a panic attack at an arena or while covering a lottery, draft or all-star game. I think he could sense something was wrong.

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