China completes military personnel reduction by 300000 soldiers

China completes military personnel reduction by 300000 soldiers

China completes military personnel reduction by 300000 soldiers

The commander of the U.S. Navy's Pacific Fleet said on Tuesday that China's military budget had a troubling lack of transparency, a day after Beijing announced the biggest hike in military spending in three years.

While China is aiming for a narrower official deficit, leaders still plan to expand the issuance of special objective bonds, which are sold by local governments to finance items that aren't included in the general public budget and not counted in the deficit ratio released annually.

In China, the president is a largely ceremonial title and the real power rests with the other two offices a top leader holds - Xi is also chief of both the party and the military.

The NPC is the national legislature of China. "It will likely not be over-militarized".

At the same time, he pledged tax cuts of 800 billion yuan for companies and individuals and set a 6.5% annual economic growth target - the same as last year's target but slower than the actual performance of 6.9%. President Donald Trump has since proposed an increase in 2018 to counter the growing strength of China and Russian Federation. "There's a lot of questions on the minds of countries in the region of what exactly does this mean?"

Swift also called on China to clarify its intentions in the South China Sea. I expect eventually we will see warships and aircraft there regularly, if not based there permanently.

The People's Liberation Army is going through an extensive modernization program with analysts and diplomats pointing out the real rise in spending could be significantly more than $175 billion budget.

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Apart from the jump in the military budget, Premier Li reiterated the Chinese government's mantra of tackling "systemic risks" in the economy.

But it is below the 6.9% reported for 2017 - the first time in seven years the pace of growth picked up.

The anti-corruption drive, one of President Xi Jinping's major policies, would continue by tackling "activities that violate the law" such as illegal fundraising and financial fraud.

"Our aim is to help people feel more satisfied, happier and more secure", said Mr Li.

The 64-year-old Xi has appointed himself to head bodies that oversee national security, finance, economic reform and other functions, effectively sidelining Li, the party's No 2 figure. China has completed the reduction of its military troops by 300,000 soldiers, State Council Premier Li Keqiang said.

Among the key tasks were the restructuring of the economy to move away from export-led manufacturing to services, domestic consumption and high-tech manufacturing; tackling serious air, water and soil pollution with the number of bad air days in key cities being halved in the five-year period; poverty alleviation with 68 million people lifted out of poverty; and balancing development among rich and poor regions.

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