Putin says Russian Federation ready to discuss any issues with US

Putin says Russian Federation ready to discuss any issues with US

Putin says Russian Federation ready to discuss any issues with US

The White House director of cybersecurity, Michael Daniel, was reportedly alarmed when he learned that Russian hackers had infiltrated critical election infrastructure in several US states.

On another issue, Putin told NBC he has no plans to change the Russian Constitution to eliminate term limits on his presidency.

"With all due respect for you personally, with all due respect for Congress, you must have people with legal degrees, 100% you do", Putin said smiling.

Putin also denied having close ties to businessman and restaurateur Yevgeny Prigozhin, one of 13 Russians indicted by United States prosecutors for allegedly running a secret campaign to tilt the 2016 United States vote in favour of Donald Trump.

"Could anyone really believe that Russian Federation, thousands of miles away, influenced the outcome of the election?"

"But the USA refuses to work like this and instead throws 13 Russians to the media", he said, going on to list the possible ethnicities that would make the suspects "not even Russian".

"It's not our goal to interfere".

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Putin said Russia has neither the tools nor the will to meddle in elections and repeatedly complained Washington has brushed off Russian initiatives to work together on cyber-security.

"Are we the ones who imposed sanctions on the United States?" he asked. "At least send us a piece of paper".

Celeste Wallander is President and CEO of the U.S. -Russia Foundation. Give us a document. Throughout the interview, Putin continued to dismiss the claims that the meddling had come at the orders of the Russian government. Kelly noted that Putin made the remark about not having the tools to disrupt the US election shortly after he announced that Russian Federation had developed major new nuclear weapons.

Putin suggested in the interview that the reason Trump has seemed deferential to him is he knew upon taking office that he needed to develop a "cooperative relationship" with Russian Federation and thus he needed to treat his counterpart with respect.

Putin told Kelly that he does not read Trump's tweets and avoids Twitter himself. "Well, Donald is a more modern person", the Russian leader told the journalist. "I believe that the current president wants to do that, but there are forces that won't let him do it".

"It's like anti-Semitism", he said, comparing Russia's critics to people who would say things like "the Jews are to blame".

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