President Trump Inspect Border Wall Prototypes; Prefers See-Through Option

President Trump Inspect Border Wall Prototypes; Prefers See-Through Option

President Trump Inspect Border Wall Prototypes; Prefers See-Through Option

US President Donald Trump has eagerly inspected prototypes on display in California for his "big attractive border wall", but peaceful protests highlighted growing tensions between his administration and the state over immigration enforcement.

Air Force One landed at a marine corps air station in Miramar, outside San Diego, the Guardian reported.

His first stop was Otay Mesa, where the president's focus was on the border wall.

President Donald Trump is resuming his feud with the state of California, criticizing the governor, its immigrant protections and the state's tax system.

He further slammed the Democrat for immigration and tax policy adding that while he thought Brown was a "nice guy" but "has not done the job".

"If you didn't have walls over here, you wouldn't even have a country", Trump said.

"There are certain areas where they are really wanting us to build a wall because people are complaining, people are pouring in".

He said he had seen estimates that the "intolerably high" illegal immigration costs came to $100 billion a year in terms of drugs, crime, education and social services.

Ahead of the visit, a few dozen people gathered for a pro-Trump rally on the U.S. side of the border near the prototypes, while a similar number of the president's detractors came to the San Ysidro border post.

Trump's insistence that Mexico pay for the wall has soured relations and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto recently canceled plans to visit Washington amid continuing disagreement.

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Asked about the President's visit, DHS spokesman Jonathan Rath Hoffman said the "normal course of the procurement process" will be followed.

Trump has long said he wanted to visit the models himself so he can pick a victor, although the Department of Homeland Security says elements of each design are expected to be used.

Carla Provost, acting Border Patrol chief, said Trump "walked away with great understanding of the requirements we have on the border".

The president's speech went on to touch on human trafficking, calling it "the worst that it's ever been", and "sanctuary city" policies.

Trump later attended a high-dollar fundraiser near Los Angeles, where he was staying overnight. Protests were also held on the Mexican side, in Tijuana.

"They shield criminals", Trump said of the policies.

In a briefing Monday, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump will address all five branches of the military.

His visit also sparked mass protests across San Diego, which has a huge Latin American community.

"These policies release unsafe criminal offenders to prey on innocent people, and nullify the federal law", the president said.

"The round piece that you see up here or you see more clearly back there", the president said, pointing at various models, "the larger it is, the better it is - because it's very hard to get over the top". "People are so narrow-minded", said the firefighter, who voted for Trump. His visit is only expected to last one night. He'll tour prototypes of a border wall, hoping to project momentum on a project he promised during his campaign but hasn't yet brought to fruition.

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