Ottawa scientists, disability advocates mourn Stephen Hawking's death

Ottawa scientists, disability advocates mourn Stephen Hawking's death

Ottawa scientists, disability advocates mourn Stephen Hawking's death

Yet the culturally popular Hawking, who died Wednesday at age 76 at his home in Cambridge, nevertheless succeeded spectacularly in making the spirit behind such science both more appealing, and more widely accessible, than ever before.

Needless to say, celebrities from all over the world, such as the likes of Shah Rukh Khan and others were observed to be paying their heartfelt tributes to the man.

"So remember, look at the stars not at your feet".

When U2 filmed a concert movie for Innocence + Experience: Live in Paris (2015), they used an excerpt from 'Stephen Hawking Global Citizen.' The choice to use that speech made all the more significant in the wake of the of the recent terror attacks that had taken place at The Bataclan in Paris.

Buckingham Palace said the Queen will be sending a message of condolence to Prof Hawking's family.

Benamran, however, said his gift for explaining the most complex concepts was the key to his stardom.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also paid tribute to the physicist - who was a Labour supporter - and said he "inspired the world with his determination to explain the mysteries of the cosmos" and "showed breathtaking courage to overcome life's adversities". But we can understand the universe.

Eddie Redmayne's Response to Stephen Hawking's Death Is Touching
Piers Morgan: "RIP Professor Stephen Hawking , 76". "We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today". For regular non-theoretical physicists, his work can be explained a little like this.

"My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn't prevent you doing well, and don't regret the things it interferes with", he told The New York Times in 2011. Realizing that our paths will cross, Gerry and I both tried to get Hans to stop and engage Hawking, imagining that Hawking would be delighted to meet the eminent Bethe, victor of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1967 for his discovery of how stars generate the energy to shine. In a report from NME, Jim Parsons shared an on-set photo of Hawking together with the cast via Instagram and wrote a simple yet touching message: "Thank you, Stephen Hawking".

Hawking's death was also noted by some for falling on the birthday of another renowned theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, and Pi Day, celebrating the mathematical constant equal to 3.14.

Stephen Hawking, the author of "A Brief History of Time", had a remarkable gift for timing.

The vice chancellor of the University of Cambridge is praising Stephen Hawking as an inspiration to millions. "His life and career workings have been many a subject matter on The Big Bang Theory and we are all better for it". And this scientist showed that black holes could disappear and some particles go to space anyway.

"There are many good theoretical physicists who make a big contribution, but there aren't that many greats", he added.

Sally Light, Chief Executive of the MND Association, said: "Through so many years in the public eye he did a huge amount to raise awareness of MND, yet he never allowed himself to be defined by his illness".

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