Google Introduces Instant Apps for Games, Branding It as Google Play Instant

Google Introduces Instant Apps for Games, Branding It as Google Play Instant

Google Introduces Instant Apps for Games, Branding It as Google Play Instant

Google Play Instant games in the Play Games Arcade tab. Google will also show YouTube videos showcasing various strategies to help players hone their skills and also news about their favorite games. Meanwhile, Google is working with Unity to add IDE support to make building Instant Apps easier.

Google just expanded its Instant Apps program, which TechCrunch calls "a way for developers to give users a native app experience that didn't involve having to install anything". Game developers, like other app makers, can struggle to bring attention to their latest offerings. There's absolutely no install time and games run exactly like they would if they had been installed onto your phone. In my experience testing this feature, this still allows the games to load quickly enough, though it doesn't feel quite as instant as most of the regular instant apps do. While Instant Apps functionality is nothing new by now, its focus has been on productivity titles and services. So as per that level, the apps which are made for Android 4.1 or low will not work for the updated and higher version of Android like Android P. If the apps work in the smartphones they will experience the problems related to performance and security. Today's expansion to games was announced at the Game Developers Conference on Monday.

While it's safe to say that installing an app isn't a big barrier for most mobile users at this point, there's definitely something to be said for letting players experience a game before giving up valuable storage space to a full install.

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I'm not sure what to be more upset about, the fact that I've already set up everyone I know with Android Pay previously, or that I don't know 10 more people to indict into Google Pay awesomeness.

The search giant did confirm Lens will be added to Google Photos for iOS during Mobile World Congress, but did not specify when to expect it's arrival, aside from stating it is "coming soon" in a Twitter post.

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