Tower to turn red to mark World TB Day

Tower to turn red to mark World TB Day

Tower to turn red to mark World TB Day

The negative impact of tuberculosis (TB) in developing countries such as Belize continues to be of significant concern as it is associated with high mortality rates in HIV positive persons. Today, President and PM have also come out to address the issue of Tuberculosis in India., urging it to stop by 2050.

Every year on March 24th, the world observes Tuberculosis Day. Not only at the political level with Heads of State and Ministers of Health, but at all levels from Mayors, Governors, and community leaders to the health workers, TB patients, doctors or nurses, health workers, NGOs and other partners. In Telangana and AP, a mere 1,700 patients were reported by private hospitals during that year, said experts during an awareness programme held at a city hospital on Friday, on the eve of World Tuberculosis Day.

TB is caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a germ that primarily affects the lungs but can affect other organs, such as the brain, kidneys and spine. In 2012 alone, 8.6 million people were diagnosed with TB of whom 1.3 million died from the disease.

Visit to read my full report where you can find out more about TB in Canada and the collective actions needed eliminate the disease, remove health disparities for sustained success and improve overall health. Despite this, TB still remains a serious public health problem with a steady incline for the number of cases and deaths over the last 10 years. Early diagnosis is crucial for the treatment of TB.

However, "once patients start feeling better after a few weeks, it becomes very hard to convince them to take toxic drugs for another five months - especially if patients have little or no understanding of germs and antibiotic resistance", Thies rued. At that time the deadly disease had nearly the full Europe and America under its suffering. Most of the children will not get TB following exposure to the disease, but a small percentage of children do. According to Mayo Clinic, it is mainly caused by a bacteria that can spread between people through microscopic droplets released into the air.

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An estimated 600,000 people every year develop a resistant form of TB that requires an arduous, poorly effective, two-year treatment that involves eight months of injections, 15,000 pills, and harsh side effects, including deafness, psychosis, and neuropathy.

"I'm stepping forward for a TB-free world", Mr. Tedros said, "please join me". Tuberculosis is curable and preventable. Through the USAID Defeat TB and USAID Challenge TB projects, that together have a budget of $17.5 million, the U.S. Government supports the National TB Program in its efforts to control TB epidemic in the Kyrgyz Republic.

TB was once a disease that affected people from all walks of life - including Frederic Chopin, Eleanor Roosevelt and George Orwell.

The notification also requires chemists and druggists to provide district officials with personal details and information on the medicines taken by TB patients to the health department without fail.

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