Apple Updates iPad With Stylus Support

Apple Updates iPad With Stylus Support

Apple Updates iPad With Stylus Support

The software was announced at Apple's "Let's Take a Field Trip" educational event on March 27, alongside a new entry-level iPad and the Apple Pencil stylus.

Apple is selling the new iPad for $329 and up, depending on device configurations.

The 9.7-inch iPad is available to order online now through Apple, and local Apple Stores will begin receiving them later this week.

Apple isn't including its Pencil, which retails for $99, with the product. And the company announced a new framework for developers to build educational apps called ClassKit, which can be used to make apps that directly integrate with Schoolwork, allowing teachers to assign tasks across multiple apps.

Apple went hard and heavy with its education theme on Tuesday, with school bells and announcements over a public address system directing press and teachers into an auditorium at Lane Tech College Prep High School.

Apple didn't make design changes that might help make an upgrade feel key to existing iPad owners. New versions of its iWork productivity apps will work with the stylus, which costs $89 for students, $10 below the regular price.

Other new features include a Presenter Mode in Pages to transform the iPad or iPhone into a virtual teleprompter.

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Apple's free iCloud storage has been at 5GB for a long time now, and in 2018, that just doesn't cut it as a complimentary tier.

The tablet will have a starting price in Canada of $399 for students and $429 for consumers.

A refresh of Apple's tablets, which outsell Mac computers, could help the tech giant regain some ground in the education market it once dominated, but lost to low-cost Google Chromebooks and Microsoft Windows laptops. The new apps will be available in June, Apple said. I'm also looking for the ways Apple bakes privacy into its iPad software, an advantage it frequently touts over Google.

I expect the iPad to get a new processor to help it handle a coming wave of augmented reality apps and other more laptop-like functions.

Notably, Apple is planning to boost screen size by 15 percent, a major increase that will likely translate to a larger overall chassis.

Chromebooks are popular due to their affordability, reliability, simplicity, quick boot-up and "because students seem to like the keyboard", said Alison Bullock, digital literacy support teacher with the Waterloo Region District School Board.

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