CDC Warns Possible Second Wave of Flu This Season

CDC Warns Possible Second Wave of Flu This Season

CDC Warns Possible Second Wave of Flu This Season

However, according to the CDC, a second flu wave may be coming soon, and it could prove to be more severe for young children.

The other states were Arizona, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota and Wyoming. Many people in the Tampa Bay area are falling victim to a second wave of the "B strain" of flu.

The warning of the CDC is related to the effect of influenza B on kids, as the strain tends to be more severe for younger children, according to CDC spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund.

"Illness associated with influenza B can be just as severe as illness associated with influenza A and influenza B is usually worse for younger children", Nordlund said.

The CDC reports the overall estimated vaccine effectiveness of the 2017-18 seasonal influenza vaccine for preventing medically attended, laboratory-confirmed influenza A virus infection was 36 percent.

Taking antiviral drugs when prescribed.

Winter is over but flu season is not!

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The CDC notes that influenza B can be every bit as deadly as other strains of the virus. Experts recommend everyone who is unvaccinated get a flu shot while strains are still circulating.

This is not a surprising development though as influenza B viruses often strike after the influenza A viruses.

At this time, the influenza A strain had accounted for 75 percent of all cases. It is possible for people who've been sick with one strain of the flu to get a different strain in the same season.

The good news is, it's not too late to get your flu vaccine.

"It presents the same way, what we've seen so far, with fever, sometimes headache and body aches", said Dr. LuAnn Moraski, YourMD.

Earlier this year, central IN was rocked when two children died from the flu: A 3-year-old girl from Muncie and a 7-year-old girl from Columbus.

Bolly says the best method of defense against the flue is practicing good hygiene and getting the flu shot as chances of severity and the length of the flu sticking around decrease with the shot.

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