Kim Jong-un Visits China, More Hopes for Korean Peace

Kim Jong-un Visits China, More Hopes for Korean Peace

Kim Jong-un Visits China, More Hopes for Korean Peace

Kim's visit, now confirmed by China's state news agency, means that he is preparing for a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, followed by a summit with President Trump, where denuclearization will be the ultimate goal. "The issue of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula can be resolved if South Korea and the United States respond to our efforts with goodwill, create an atmosphere of peace and stability while taking progressive and synchronous measures for the realization of peace", Kim said. China's backing at this stage will only add to Mr Kim's confidence, given his unchallenged grip on power and the North's nuclear and missile programmes.

After two days of speculation, China announced on Wednesday that Kim had visited Beijing and met Xi, who elicited a pledge from Kim to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

In early January, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) took the first step towards a series of talks with South Korea, during which they agreed on reciprocal visits by top officials, the participation of North Korea in the Winter Games and even performances by artists from the two countries. But Kim's nuclear weapons aren't all that make him risky.

Robert Kelly, a professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, said: "Xi would not grant this meeting unless the Chinese were genuinely concerned about the summits to come and wanted some kind of role to play".

Xi Jinping, according to KCNA, has accepted an invitation from Kim and will travel to Pyongyang, at a date not yet determined, to return the visit.

Xi and Kim held some talks at the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square. Kim arrived in Beijing in an armored train. For six decades, North Korea's conventional military capabilities were enough to persuade US presidents of the need to maintain a strong military presence in South Korea. North Korea has repeatedly reneged on previous pledges after receiving the rewards, ditching promises to let global inspectors check its nuclear facilities and others.

Kim Jong-un visit China
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White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders released a statement about the visit that said, "the United States remains in close contact with our allies South Korea and Japan". He met with President Xi Jinping of China, the North's traditional communist ally, in a bid to mend frayed ties before meeting Mr. Moon and Mr. Trump.

The North Korean leader has earlier involved himself in the Winter Olympics, and used the opportunity to censure South Korea and then offer to meet with the USA president.

"By pulling China back into it, North Korea are balancing it out again and having their patron back on their side as part of this process".

Mr Xi was "not a fan" of the North Korean regime, and was likely to do anything necessary to open up the state.

In this photo provided by KCNA, Kim is seen waving as he is given a send-off at Beijing station in Beijing on Tuesday.

Wi Sung-lac, a former South Korean representative to six-party talks said, "This shows that North Korea intends to hang on to its nuclear weapons for as long as possible and only consider scrapping them at the very last stage".

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