Facebook reportedly tweaks data storage on upcoming video chat device

Facebook reportedly tweaks data storage on upcoming video chat device

Facebook reportedly tweaks data storage on upcoming video chat device

The countries where Facebook has grown include India (12% growth), United States (4.3%), Indonesia (7.7%), United Kingdom (4.5%) and Vietnam (7.3%).

While most people would expect Facebook to have data on how they use the app, they're a little shocked to discover it has access to everything from all the contacts on their phone to a record of every text message they've ever sent or received, even if they don't use Facebook Messenger.

The #deletefacebook is spreading across the internet, and users are looking into how much of their information the social media giant stored and possibly transferred to other companies.

It can take a while to archive all the data, as Facebook includes all your posts, chats, photos and everything you've "Liked" during your time using the site.

The author of a provocative Facebook memo declaring that growth is justified even if it costs lives says he doesn't actually agree with the memo and wrote it to provoke debate. The file can be a creepy wake-up call: All those years of browsing the News Feed, and sharing selfies, engagements and birthday wishes on Facebook have taught the company quite a lot about you.

And there you have it.

One of the features is "Admin Privileges" employing which you get the choice to accept new users before they join a chat in the group. Yeah, something like that. Simply add people by their email addresses, get them to RSVP yes or no.

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It's not just Facebook, and the data you think is private may never have been. Android, which is made by Google, is more indulgent of app developers, AP said.

NFHA's president and CEO Lisa Rice said, "Facebook's use and abuse of user data for discriminatory purposes needs to stop. Facebook's platform is the virtual equivalent of posting a for-rent sign that says No Families with Young Kids or No Women, but it does so in an insidious and stealth manner so that people have no clue they have been excluded on the basis of family status or sex", Fair Housing Justice Center Executive Director Fred Freiberg said in a statement. One Facebook friend, whom I'll keep anonymous, shared with me some of his results.

Even if Facebook users agree to share this data, their friends whose numbers or text messages are being collected nearly certainly have not.

The app review section allows the third party apps to conduct a survey or host the users for interesting games on the platform. Data from 50 million users ended up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica, a group working to support Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Bosworth, who goes by "Boz", has been at Facebook since 2006 and serves as the company's vice president in charge of virtual- and augmented-reality efforts. Among other things, it narrows the scope of app permissions so they don't suck in as much user data automatically.

What's curious is that there is a headline that says "What categories of my Facebook data are available to me?".

Some users anxious about Facebook storing text messages and phone calls after one person tweeted about information that Facebook collected on him. Amid calls for investigations in the US and United Kingdom, the FTC begins investigating whether Facebook broke its 2011 consent decree.

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