Roseanne Barr faces backlash over Trump conspiracy theory tweet

Roseanne Barr faces backlash over Trump conspiracy theory tweet

Roseanne Barr faces backlash over Trump conspiracy theory tweet

After a massive ratings premiere on Tuesday, ABC announced Friday that they would be renewing the controversial sitcom for its second season.

Unlike the White House's inauguration turnout estimates, Trump got the viewership numbers correct: 18.2 million people tuned into ABC Tuesday night, 10 percent more than for the "Roseanne" series finale 21 years ago.

Number One: ABC Entertainment president Channing Dingey said, "We can't wait to see what the Roseanne team has in store for next year'".

The Roseanne reboot's March 27 premiere was the highest-rated scripted broadcast of the season, and the highest-rated sitcom in more than three years.

After President Donald Trump telephoned her personally to offer his congratulations for her sitcom's stellar ratings, Roseanne Barr is returning the favor by defending Trump in a series of freakish tweets posted Friday (March 30).

In an interview on the show "Good Morning America", on Thursday, Barr described President Donald Trump's telephone call to be a "sweet" gesture. "I disagree on some things, but give him benefit of doubt-4 now". British journalist Piers Morgan took a firm stance, telling "screaming Trump-hating liberals" that the show's ratings meant "not everyone in America thinks like you". "And it was about us!".

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Davi added that it is important that people that can afford to speak up in Hollywood do so.

While another tweet suggested that if she continued walking the political path, her show might provoke chants of boycott. It will be interesting to see how the show moves forward in tackling some serious issues that we have already been introduced to such as gender identity, race (which was not touched at all given that DJ's daughter is black), and the blatant bi-partisan conflicts that exist between Roseanne and Jackie.

It seems we're not the only ones who are emotional about the new Roseanne reboot.

Barr was thrilled by the news. On November 17, she posted two tweets saying "Who is Q?' and 'Tell Qanon to DM me in the nexxt 24 hours".

James says he was open to letting the show use the couch, but anxious it would get damaged, so he had strict stipulations on its use.

"We just kind of had a private conversation". Roseanne's support of Trump has troubled some and angered many more, especially those who accuse her of sharing alt-right conspiracy theories. "Half the country voted for him (Trump), half of them didn't".

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