Brazil's ex- president faces jail

Brazil's ex- president faces jail

Brazil's ex- president faces jail

The country's top court began reviewing a petition by da Silva to stay out of prison while he continues to appeal a conviction for corruption.

Lula claims the charges are politically motivated, and created to prevent him from running for president in October.

Mr. Henrique Meirelles, the Finance Minister of Brazil, recently made public his plans to get on board with the Brazilian Democratic Movement political party - its name is often shortened to MDB - and is expected to run for president of Brazil just four months from now.

Ten hours into the session, five justices had voted against da Silva and five in his favour.

Lula watched the ruling at the Metalworker's Union, where his supporters held an upbeat concert. Despite the legal troubles that have angered some Brazilians, da Silva leads preference polls to return to office. Despite his lead in the polls, he remains a divisive figure.

"In Brazil's current situation, it's worth asking our institutions and the people who is really thinking about what is best for the country and future generations, and who is only anxious about their personal interests?" he wrote in one tweet.

Lula's critics though see this as a victory.

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Lula is still Brazil's most popular politician, despite his conviction and six separate pending corruption trials. It was a historic day for Brazilian politics too. However, the Supreme Court early Thursday quashed Lula's request that he remain free until he exhausts his appeals of a conviction on corruption charges.

Lula lost his first appeal in January, when the appeals court not only upheld his conviction, but increased the sentence from nine and a half years to 12.

While it's clear that the current Brazilian Minister of Finance wants to run for the presidency of the Portuguese-speaking, South American country, he might not be able to actually run for the sought-after spot of being the President of Brazil because the Brazilian Democratic Movement party is the largest in the country, making it hard for him to beat out other primary candidates, due simply to the vast amount of competition within the MDB party every single election cycle. During his tenure, the country experienced the highest pace of economic growth in three decades.

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Last year, he was convicted of trading favors with a construction company to later receive a beachfront apartment.

The defence says Lula's ownership of the apartment has never been proven and that his conviction rests largely on the word of the former chairman of OAS, himself convicted of corruption. A 2010 Brazilian law prohibits those convicted of crimes that aren't overturned through an appeal from running for office for a minimum of eight years, according to BBC. "I can't accept Lula out of the election", said Lula backer Maria Lucia Minoto Silva, a 60-year-old history teacher, in Sao Paulo. A warrant for Lula's arrest may be issued any moment.

But this does not necessarily mean that Lula will go to jail for 12 years.

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