Conor McGregor makes appearance at UFC 223 media day

Conor McGregor makes appearance at UFC 223 media day

Conor McGregor makes appearance at UFC 223 media day

UFC president Dana White poured cold water on talk of McGregor attending the event last night, saying: "As far as I know he's not".

When McGregor was forced to relinquish the featherweight belt in 2016, the outspoken fighter let it be known that he wasn't on board.

White had said he didn't want McGregor defending belts in two divisions when he was the champ in two weight classes.

"There is a warrant out for Conor McGregor's arrest".

Earlier on Thursday, McGregor had reacted angrily on Twitter to the news he has been stripped of his UFC lightweight title, with the belt instead going to the victor of UFC 223's main event between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Max Holloway. Apparently, Notorious is a little annoyed that his title was taken away due to inactivity.

TMZ videos show Conor McGregor using a dolly to smash out the side window of a bus carrying fighters participating in this weekend's UFC 223 card. "Confronted" is a nice way of saying he went full soccer hooligan.

A number of factors are rumoured to have contributed to McGregor's all-out assault.

"There is a warrant out for McGregor's arrest".

Is there any chance he does jail time? But the Irishman has a message for White and the UFC. The only one that's losing a belt here is Conor.

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It isn't the first time McGregor has lashed out at the UFC and its fighters in recent days.

McGregor's apparent rampage at the Barclay's Center on Thursday, ahead of UFC 223, was not lost of his fellow fighters.

"This is the most disgusting thing that has happened in the history of the company", White said. His antics only increase his saleability.

It was not clear what triggered McGregor's assault but it appeared to be linked to the UFC's decision to strip him of his world title.

That reality doesn't rule out the possibility of a UFC suspension. It marks the fourth different time that the UFC has tried, and failed, to book Ferguson vs Nurmagomedov.

What the justice system has to say about the bus attack is another question entirely.

A video showed McGregor and several other men leaving Barclays and getting into an SUV afterward.

"This is obviously a fight which is very important to him and his future".

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