"Pay gap figures are depressingly unsurprising", says Women in Games' Isaaman

"Pay gap figures are depressingly unsurprising", says Women in Games' Isaaman

WEF researchers have said it would take 217 years for disparities in the pay and employment opportunities of men and women to come to end, much longer than the 170 years they previously calculated no more than a year ago. Across the companies and organisations that had filed by 5pm on Wednesday, eight out of 10 had a gender pay gap.

Men employed in London's City financial district earn significantly more per hour than women excluding bonuses, and the difference is even wider among institutions that are more focused on investment banking.

There are two ways which employers must follow to comply. It pays women 3.6 per cent more than men according to the mean average, and 13.8 per cent more than men according to the median average. This in itself further proves the point that women are not rising to the higher-paying roles men do in the industry.

But when organisations achieve better representation at the top, something interesting starts to happen. The average median hourly pay gap across all employers was 18.4 per cent among full and part-time workers, and 9.1 per cent among full-time workers alone.

A statement from the CAA executive - including chief executive Andrew Haines, but not directly attributed to him - said the structure of the organisation and the type of roles it contained was a "contributing factor" to the gender-pay disparity.

Most of the measures we look at when we're considering what men and women get paid jump back and look at the bigger picture: instead of checking identical jobs, where possible, we look at what men and women actually earn and the difference between those figures.

'Years out of the workforce raising children permanently reduces women's earnings.'

When it comes to differences between bonuses, several NHS trusts have high figures, with Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust General Purposes Charity revealing a figure of 99.4%. One might be if men occupy the majority of the top-paid jobs while women make up a larger share of lower paid jobs.

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"This report shows that we have a gender pay gap in the U.K. The gap is influenced by the fact that we have fewer women in senior positions, however we are committed to narrowing this gap as we work to develop more women leaders to drive the growth and success of our business".

Every force in England and Wales has published their gender pay gap.

The government has mandated that all charities with over 250 employees should report mean and median gender pay gaps, and the deadline to do so passed last night.

We have picked a company at random - easyJet.

What's more, over the course of their careers, men move into higher-level roles like supervisors and executives at significantly higher rates than women. Karen Millen's total workforce of 759 employees comprises of 94% female staff and 6% male staff.

How useful are these figures?

In banking and finance, bonus gaps of more than 60% were not uncommon; academy school chains were shown to have some of the worst gender pay gaps in the United Kingdom, while in female-dominated workforces such as retail, gender pay gaps were as high as 50%. Announcing the new disclosure rules in 2015, Cameron said they would "cast sunlight on the discrepancies and create the pressure we need for change, driving women's wages up".

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