Rampage Review: The Rock's Monster Mash is Big Dumb Fun

Rampage Review: The Rock's Monster Mash is Big Dumb Fun

Rampage Review: The Rock's Monster Mash is Big Dumb Fun

The pathogens get loose in the world, infecting a gator in Florida, a wolf in the Rockies, and a gorilla at the San Diego zoo where Davis Okoye (Johnson) supervises the animals. Cut to several canisters landing across the world, one of these odd items lands in George's enclosure, and something worrisome happens to George. And it does that, in the third act of the film until then you have to rely on subpar characters talking about the devastation these monsters are unleashing on America.

If the internet joke is that the Fast and Furious movies were written by a five-year-old boy then Rampage feels like it was written by this same kid at age ten.

Teaming up with Dr. Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris) and Agent Ralph (Jeffery Dean Morgan), David Okoye is thrown on a journey to try to save George and stop him from his path of rampage.

Brad Peyton, known best for directing Johnson's previous box office hit disaster movie ("San Andreas"), is at the helm and that should tell you what you're getting yourself into. There are too many plot holes and the way the characters resolve the conflict barely makes any sense. The movie may not have much more on its mind than the games about city-wrecking creatures that inspired it (and the cliche-ridden B-movies that inspired them), but at the same time it usually avoids pretending otherwise. Rampage is nothing if not exactly what it advertises itself to be. Often referred to as 'franchise viagra, ' the actor is one of the most charismatic and enjoyable talents in Hollywood today. However, the company, led by Malin Akerman's brilliantly fierce corporate head Claire Wyden, and her slimey, dim-witted, but equally money-grabbing brother Brett (Jake Lacy), have their own plans, to lure the beasts to the same location, all to secure the DNA from each of them to guarantee their billions in investment.

As for the supporting characters in Rampage, they're about as ridiculous and cartoonish as the "genetically edited" monsters wreaking havoc. We now know that to not be the case, but we wouldn't be surprised to see the villain/anti-hero make his mark on the DCEU ahead of his solo film, even though all signs point to him being kept under wraps until that time!

'Black Panther' Tops $1.3 Billion At Worldwide Box Office
Regarding worldwide figures Titanic still leads Black Panther , bringing in $2.2 billion worldwide during its theatrical run. Jordan, Danai Gurira, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker and Andy Serkis.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan among others, and it is out this week. The rest of the ensemble is rounded out by familiar faces like Joe Manganiello, P.J. Byrne, and Will Yun Lee, but for the most part they serve as little more than glorified extras.

Rampage opens this week, and Shazam! has an April 5, 2019 release.

Be sure to check out Johnson in Rampage, opening in theaters everywhere on Friday!

On the technical aspects of the film, the cinematography of the action sequences are great.

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