National Enquirer Parent Company Paid $30K for Trump Rumor, Withheld Story

National Enquirer Parent Company Paid $30K for Trump Rumor, Withheld Story

National Enquirer Parent Company Paid $30K for Trump Rumor, Withheld Story

Sajudin got $30,000 in exchange for signing over the rights, "in perpetuity", to a rumour he'd heard that the president had fathered a child with an employee at Trump World Tower. The Enquirer never ran that story - a move known as "catch and kill" in the media industry.

Ronan Farrow, who reported the story for the New Yorker, told CNN Thursday, "We didn't uncover any evidence that this was real". The website wrote that the Enquirer spent four weeks reporting the story but ultimately decided it wasn't true.

Common Cause, a government watchdog, said it filed complaints Thursday with the Department of Justice and the Federal Election Commission claiming that Trump and American Media violated campaign contribution rules in the $30,000 payment to Sajudin.

The doorman who allegedly sold a story about Donald Trump fathering a lovechild is now involved in a discrimination lawsuit that, amusing enough, has a connection to Trump and immigration.

Both the Associated Press and President Trump's longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, knew that the National Enquirer was in possession of Sajudin's story.

In Monday's raids on the office, home, and hotel room of Michael Cohen, Trump's personal attorney and self-proclaimed "fix-it guy," investigators were looking for records of communication between Cohen and Pecker, the Times reported.

Sajudin refused to discuss the story with the Associated Press unless he was paid. Dino Sajudin is one fish that swam away'.

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They're expected to remain near 21% of GDP over the next three years, then grow more quickly, topping 23% of GDP by 2028. The government would borrow about 19 cents of every dollar it spends this year.

U.S. president Donald Trump has courted controversies and has nearly become synonymous with the word, thanks to his alleged association with pornstar Stormy Daniels and several women accusing him of sexual assault. This is President of the United States Donald Trump.

"AMI doesn't go around cutting checks for $30,000 and then not using the information", Jerry George, a reporter and senior editor with AMI until 2013, told AP.

Not to mention that the National Enquirer paid another Trump mistress, Playboy model Karen McDougal, $150,000 for her story only to bury it and keep her from telling it to anyone else (she's now fighting them for her rights back).

"The behavior is so extreme and so freaky", she said.

The National Enquirer has also denied that the Trump Organization had any role in its decision to squash the doorman's story, saying the story's lack of credibility led it to be shelved. As a general practice, however, sources agree to be paid for their tips only upon publication. The National Enquirer's publisher, American Media, Inc., paid Sajudin for his silence and threatened to sue him $1 million if he came forward with his controversial story or if he told him.

Paying for a catch-and-kill story is unto itself not a crime, however whether or not these payments were made with campaign funds may be the smoking gun.

He read Trump's morning tweetstorm railing against the Mueller probe, then offered "some free legal advice: When you're under investigation for obstruction of justice, don't tweet, "No Collusion or Obstruction (other than I fight back).' Fighting back is the 'obstruction" part". After a promise of $500, Sajudin took the polygraph test, and the administrator revealed that all his responses were truthful. That Pecker and Cohen acted entirely independently, spending their own money to silence allegations that the president has said are untrue.

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