In Kentucky, teachers claim victory as vetoes rejected

In Kentucky, teachers claim victory as vetoes rejected

In Kentucky, teachers claim victory as vetoes rejected

"What this bill does is what Republicans have talked about for many years on tax reform", he said.

Kentucky's House of Representatives and Senate have overridden Gov. Matt Bevin's veto of a $480 million tax hike that helps pay for increases in public education spending. "The fact that someone believes that revenues may not be there is not sufficient for a budget reduction act", explained Stivers.

Bevin vetoed both bills because he said the new taxes won't generate enough money to cover the new spending.

Bevin urged the legislature not to override his vetoes earlier in the week, and asked them to spend the last two days of the legislative session creating a balanced budget that he would sign into law.

But acting House Speaker David Osborne said there are no new bills.

The House voted 57-40 to override the veto of the tax and revenue bill.

Lawmakers must adjourn for the year by Saturday at midnight.

Ross didn't want to see a special session called after the current session ended because of the uncertainty it would hold, putting the ball back in Bevin's court, because she had already seen what he wanted to do, and thought the current bill would include more funding for education. Bevin said he vetoed the bill because it could potentially cost taxpayers up to $2 billion.

A spokesman for the Kentucky Education Association declined to comment on Bevin's remarks.

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"It's awesome that even when Republicans control both chambers of state government as well as the Governor's Mansion that they can't even agree on the direction to take Kentucky", Self said. "This is coming from a governor when he can only get three or four Republicans to support his veto".

Gov. Matt Bevin took to Twitter on Friday, voicing his frustration at Rep. Jeff Hoover as they squabbled over veto overrides from the House and Senate. The Republican-controlled state Senate will take up the vetoes next. In all, 88 of the 90 Republicans in the General Assembly voted against the Republican governor on the budget.

Teachers who clogged the halls of Kentucky's Capitol when lawmakers last met are set to return in force as they loudly demand that the legislature defy a Republican governor and restore increases in education funding. Democrats say the measure shifts the tax burden from upper income groups to the middle and working classes.

"It's entirely inappropriate and perverse that the man sitting in the governorship would criticize Kentuckians who stood up today for teachers, public employees and our public education by insinuating that their presence in Frankfort today caused a child to be sexual assaulted", Kentucky Democratic Executive Director Mary Nishimuta said. Minority Leader Rocky Adkins, D-Sandy Hook, railed against cuts to higher education. And then he said 'I am stating publicly that I will call a special session to pass a properly balanced budget'.

Even the teachers looking on seemed confused at times.

Those bills would generate record funding for public education.

Jefferson County Teachers Association President Brent McKim told the Courier-Journal that using Bevin's logic, schools should never close.

"You know how many children live in urban communities and rural communities where there's a single parent who literally if they could afford to skip work and not lose their job, they couldn't afford to because they need the money".

Bevin's communications office did not respond to email request for comment.

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