Woman fined $500 for bringing apple through MSP customs

Woman fined $500 for bringing apple through MSP customs

Woman fined $500 for bringing apple through MSP customs

Now she reportedly faces a $500 fine.

Crystal Tadlock, travelling to the U.S. from Paris, said she was saving the fruit for her onward flight to Denver.

Passenger Crystal Tadlock wasn't hungry and made a decision to keep the apple, which was wrapped in a plastic Delta bag, in her carry-on to eat on the second leg of her journey, BBC reported.

A Colorado woman said U.S. Customs and Border Patrol wants to fine her $500 for a free apple. "And I think that's the most important part of this story", Tadlock said.

"I was like, 'Yeah, it was pretty expensive, ' but I wasn't understanding why he was asking that question", she told Inside Edition.

"It is very unfortunate some body needed to experience that and also be treated as a criminal over a parcel of fruit", she informed KDVR. When the apple was found, Tadlock told the agent she received the snack from the airline and asked if she could throw it out or eat it. The Customs agent said no and fined her $500 for carrying the fruit.

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Tadlock, who had won the vacation, was confused when the agent asked if her trip was expensive.

In a statement to ABC7, Delta said that "they encourage customers to follow U.S. Customs and Border Protection protocols".

During an interview with Fox 31 Denver, Tadlock said the flight attendants passed out plastic bags containing apples as a snack for the passengers.

US Customs and Border Patrol requires passengers to declare all agricultural items they are bringing into the country.

She told local media she will challenge the $500 ticket in court. She says USA customs clearly saw this apple came from an airline.

In a statement, CBP declined to speak about the case details or any specific inspection, citing privacy policies. She told the TV station she intends to take the matter before a judge.

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